In its early years, Lexie's Kitchen & Living was all about food—gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, low-sugar—and restoring my son's intestinal and neurological health. Today I have fun writing about random topics that spark my interest as a stay-at-home mom and 40-something finding her way—but not to worry, I love food, and you will always find it here.

You're the inspiration

Okay, now I've got that Chicago song stuck in my head and it's 1984 and I'm dancing with a boy a foot shorter at a high school dance—so awkward (and I'm so giving away my age). But it's true! As cliche as it sounds, YOU and my littlest boy were the inspiration for this site.  

Back in 2007 when Little Man was nine months old I needed some answers. My baby was growing, but he was not well. The conventional docs offered Prevacid, MRIs and antibiotics. Things did not get better and I became a desperate mom. I knew that there had to be other desperate mommies and daddies out there and that we all needed to be there for each other. I began spending an insane amount of time in the kitchen creating meals and healthy treats for my kids. Instead of keeping them to myself, I thought I'd share them—and so Lexie's Kitchen & Living was born. 

Little Man's Story

If you've landed here looking for answers to what ails your child, it may be helpful to tell you a little of what ailed mine.

On a crisp September afternoon in 2006 a healthy, 10-pound, green-eyed boy entered this world. Early we noticed differences in his development. At seven months his eyes began to drift (exotropia) and he grew floppy (hypotonia).

There were delays in sitting, crawling, and walking. At 13 months he developed a case of "toddlers diarrhea" that lasted over two years (IBS). He acquired a stuffy nose and cough that would not go away (chronic sinusitis). He underwent MRIs and genetic testing. His immune system was on fire, reacting to nearly every environmental and food allergen on the skin prick panel. His little body had a difficult time regulating its temperature. He had no detectable reflexes in his lower extremities. He was often fatigued and developed asthma. His pediatrician said he would "outgrow it all" and that aside from speech, physical, and occupational therapy, we were doing all we could to help our son.

Not comfortable with that counsel, my husband and I sought the help of an integrative doctor to explore the best of conventional biomedicine and alternative medicine. It was then that the journey to healing began. With a diet overhaul, supplementation, and targeted biomedical treatments, we began to see results!

Little Man's gastrointestinal health has returned. He is absorbing nutrients, his hands no longer shake, and his balance is improving along with speech. With a healed gut he is able to tolerate many of the foods that once sickened him. It has been quite the journey and though we continue to face some challenges that come with mitochondrial dysfunction, methylation deficiency, delayed visual development and sensory integration, we are happy to report that we have witnessed healing.

are you a brand?

If you would like to submit your health-promoting product (foods must be gluten-free and dairy-free) for review, please email me at lexieskitchen [at] gmail [dot] com or use the Contact form. If I dig your product and your mission, it is highly likely that I will share it with the world—however reviews are not guaranteed. 


This site is a very therapeutic place for me. It's a place of positivity and kindness, and my readers share these values. Thank you for respecting that. Girl Scouts honor; I am not out to make a name for myself, sensational blogging is not my thing and I will never sell out to a big brand or buy in to the latest fad to land a fat daddy paycheck. If I write about something it's because it is something I believe in or have a definite opinion about, period. This space is for connecting, learning, growing and celebrating life's joys and making sense (or not) of the challenges we face. Thank you for joining me in my kitchen!