Goddess Bread and a Day of Discovery

Another gluten-free bread baking success—Delicious Gluten-Free Bread from the Gluten-Free GoddessIf I am doing my math right—and let me warn you, I mentally checked out of that subject during my first year of algebra—it was 519 years ago that Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas and what a discovery! Can you imagine? Well today I made a little discovery of my own, not as monumental, but one that made me jump and kick my heels, nonetheless.

Those of you who tune in regularly know that I have been on a bit of a bread kick. Maybe it's the onset of fall—cool mornings, a cup of coffee and cravings for cinnamon toast. A few weeks back I tried Ginger Lemon Girl's Vegan Gluten-Free Crusty Bread—a tasty rustic number. Today I discovered Gluten-Free Goddesses Delicious Gluten Free Bread. The two things I love about this recipe are 1) Karina designed it to be made using a bread machine and 2) it's not only gluten-free, but egg-free and dairy-free as well! Karina suggests the step of finishing off this loaf in an oven. I had planned to do that, but shortly after throwing all the ingredients in the bread machine we decided to head down to Ft. Collins for the day. On our drive home this afternoon, with the anticipation of Colombus, I wondered what I would find in my bread maker. A rock? A half-baked glob of dough? Well I was tickled to discover a lovely loaf, no, a beautiful loaf of bread. I may not have discovered a continent today, but I'm quite pleased with what I've found. Thank you Karina! Click here for the recipe.