A Sweet Gift For Smelly Friends

My super cool Canadian blogging pal, Kirsten (Miss Dropsie), and I had intended to do a joint post on holiday gifts you can make in the kitchen. Well, I dropped the ball—sorry Kirsten. Today I looked at the calendar and realized how insanely behind I am in more things than posting. So much so that it's stressin' me out. It's no wonder I've been slathering on a bit more of my favorite hippy chick deodorant. Ha! Now wait, there's an idea. If you've got a friend who stresses out this time of year and gets to smelling, well, not so fresh, how about dropping a pot of this homemade deodorant in their stocking! Subtle hint? Innocent gift?

Okay so the recipe for this deodorant is one I shared earlier this year. I cannot rave enough about it! This has been the only deodorant that has worked for me since giving up antiperspirants 15 years ago. I swear by it. Maybe it's the perfect fit for my chemistry, I don't know. It just works. It is a recipe I found over at The Angry Chicken. Here are the ingredients you will need. You can visit The Angry Chicken for the how-to's.

Angry Chicken Deodorant


3 tablespoons SHEA BUTTER
3 tablespoons BAKING SODA
2 tablespoons COCOA BUTTER (found mine at Whole Foods)
2 VITAMIN E OIL GEL CAPS (puncture and squeeze out the oil)
ESSENTIAL OILS (Amy uses ylang ylang and orange, I used lavender and orange)

You can read my original post for ways to re-use and fill a plastic deodorant stick.

For gift giving, I use little pots. To apply, just roll a bit into a pea-sized ball and rub in. Pretty up the pot by adhering a strip of decorative paper (scrapbooking paper works great).

So there you have it. A gift you can whip up in the kitchen in minutes (my friend Abby can attest to that—thanks Abby!).

If deodorant is a little too personal of a gift, how about Elana's foot balm. Find it at Elana's Pantry. Hello, who turns down a foot rub!!?

And Kirsten, thanks for coming through for both of us. Kirsten has rounded up a few "make in the kitchen" gift ideas. You'll find them posted here.