Chocolate Mousse | Dairy-Free & Easily Vegan

This super-simple mousse chills in an ice cream maker.For it being dairy-free and easily vegan, this rich chocolate mousse will knock your socks off!  If you have veered away from recipes that call for ingredients like hemp seed, coconut oil, and Stevia, you will be delightfully surprised that the use of those ingredients will yield such a rich and "creamy" mousse that is quite healthy!

Chocolate Mousse
Serves: 2

In small saucepan, bring to boil then reduce to simmer for 5 minutes:

1 teaspoon AGAR AGAR powder (available at Asian markets and natural food stores)
1 cup filtered WATER

In high-powered blender, blend on high for 1-2 minutes:

1/4 cup filtered WATER
1/4 cup liquefied virgin COCONUT OIL
3 tablespoons runny HONEY (vegan diets should substitute with another sweetener)
1/2 teaspoon instant COFFEE - optional (I use Starbucks VIA Ready Brew ® instant coffee packs)
20 drops SweetLeaf Chocolate LIQUID STEVIA
1/2 cup raw CASHEW NUTS (soaked in filtered water 2-4 hours and rinsed well)
1/4 cup hulled HEMP SEED
1/4 cup high quality COCOA POWDER
AGAR AGAR mixture

Pour mixture into an automatic ice cream maker such as the 1-1/2 quart Cuisinart® Automatic Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker. Churn for 15-20 minutes or until mousse-like in texture.

This mousse holds up real well. For this photo, I scooped the mousse into a Ziploc bag, snipped off one corner and piped it into two serving dishes. The chocolate stars were made using melted  Enjoy Life® chocolate chips piped from a small Ziploc bag (with a small snip in one corner) onto parchment and refrigerated. A toothpick comes in handy for perfecting the shape.

NOTES: Agar agar is a vegetable "gelatin" derived from a number of seaweeds which are processed by boiling and drying. It is a clear, tasteless alternative to animal or chemical-based gelatin.