International Food Bloggers Conference

I'm in Seattle. LOVE LOVE LOVE this city that I once called home. It's great to be back.

This morning the International Food Bloggers Conference is in full swing. 250+ food bloggers and foodies are here eager to learn AND eat. Here are some tasty bites from the event.

OPENING NIGHT PARTY WITH MORGAN SPURLOCK we heard from Morgan Spurlock. Morgan’s debut film Super Size Me was a massive success and earned Spurlock a 2004 Academy Award® nomination for Best Documentary. The question was posed "how can we make people CARE" about eating right. What are your thoughts? He encouraged the room full of bloggers to be "transparent" ... be who you are, true to yourself, true to your followers. I liked that.

Lexie and Academy Award Nominee Morgan Spurlock

THEO CHOCOLATE:  Making chocolate from the bean! Theo Chocolate is the only organic, fair trade,bean-to-bar chocolate factory in the United States (pretty impressive, huh?). This fine company's production facility was the primary venue for the 2010 IFBC. Thank you Theo Chocolate for hosting us! Check them out. Their products are DIVINE. You chocolate lovers better check out their Single Origin bars.

THE MODERNIST CUISINE: The Art and Science of Cooking I think this soon-to-release 6-volume book set will blow many minds. These lavishly illustrated books use thousands of original images to make the science and technology clear and engaging. Some facts: 2400 total pages, 3500 stunning photos, 6.6 miles of text, 43 lbs, 1522 recipes. The set will retail for around $500. Pre-order now ... and start saving your pennies. Ha!

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