Gluten-Free Cornbread Dressing Recipe


Down South it’s “dressing,” up North it’s “stuffing.” Whatever name you give it, no holiday feast is complete without it. Sidled up next to a scoop of whipped potatoes and smothered in gravy, this gluten-free version of an old classic is sure to be a crowd pleaser. This “cooked outside the bird” cornbread dressing has been modified to be egg-free and dairy-free as well.

This Thanksgiving we will be feasting with family that do not have dietary restrictions so I wanted to make a cornbread dressing that would be just like the "real deal," but agreeable with disagreeable tummies around table.

For the most part, I cook from scratch and stick to basic ingredients. However, there are times when I whip out a mix for the sake of saving time and ease of preparation—birthdays are one, holidays another. In the notes for this recipe I have included the ingredients in the Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Cornbread Mix I use. You may want to skim it over to ensure it's a safe one to serve at your table. Folks with a corn sensitivity should obviously avoid it. See notes for gluten-free brands and substitution suggestions.

Grandma Maxine's Cornbread Dressing

Gluten-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free

The inspiration for this recipe comes from my friend Heather and her grandmother. Last year we spent the holiday with Heather and her family and she made the BEST cornbread dressing I'd ever had. It was a recipe handed down to her from her grandma Maxine. She handed it on to me, and with a few modfications it is now egg-free and dairy-free. Thank you Heather. And thank you grandma Maxine!


For the Cornbread:

Prepare 1 package (20 oz.) Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Cornbread Mix according to package directions using the following substitutions and bake in a 13x9" pan to achieve a drier bread:

1-1/2 cups water or unsweetened NON-DAIRY MILK in place of cow’s milk

1/3 cup GRAPESEED OIL or extra light olive oil in place of butter

2 GEL EGGS in place of chicken eggs (see notes)


For the Dressing:

8 cups of 1/2” cubed CORNBREAD

1 tablespoon OLIVE OIL

1 medium ONION, minced

1-1/2 cups gluten-free chicken or vegetable BROTH

1/2 cup Soy-Free Earth Balance Natural BUTTERY SPREAD

1/4 cup FLAX SEED MEAL (or chia meal)

2 teaspoons gluten-free POULTRY SEASONING

1 teaspoon SALT (or to taste ... more if using low-sodium broth)

1 teaspoon PEPPER

1 can WATER CHESTNUTS, 1/4" dice (optional)


1. Preheat oven to 350˚F.

2. Spread cubed cornbread in a single layer on a large baking sheet. Bake 12-15 minutes or until cubes are dry, but not browned.

3. In medium bowl, whisk broth, melted buttery spread, and flax meal. Set aside 10-15 minutes.

4. Sauté onion in oil until tender.

5. In large bowl, toss cubed cornbread, onion, poultry seasoning, salt, and pepper. Add broth mixture and gently toss to combine.

6. Transfer dressing to oiled 13x9” baking dish. Bake 40-50 minutes. For a crispy top, broil on low the final 2-3 minutes.


Flax or Chia Meal: Gel “eggs” are commonly used to bind baked goods in egg-free baking. To make one “egg”: Whisk 1 tablespoon flax meal or white chia meal with 1/4 cup water. Set aside 10-15 minutes until a thick gel forms. Flax or chia meal is easily made by grinding the seeds in a coffee/spice grinder. When using chia for baked goods, select white seeds versus black if you prefer your baked good not be speckled with black. You may purchase flax seed already ground such as Bob’s Red Mill Golden Flaxseed Meal.

Non-Dairy Milk: Tempt® Unsweetened Hemp or So Delicious Unsweetened Coconut are good allergy-friendly bets.

Broth: There are number of gluten-free options. Here are a few. When in doubt, only buy products labeled “gluten-free.”

Poultry Seasoning: Brands known to be gluten-free are Penzey’s Poultry Seasoning and McCormick’s Poultry Seasoning.

Bob’s Red Mill: Most Bob’s Red Mill products are manufactured in a facility that also use tree nuts and soy. If tree nut and soy are a concern select an alternative product(s). Ingredients in Bob’s Red Mill Cornbread Mix – whole grain cornmeal, potato starch, whole grain sorghum flour, evaporated cane juice, whole grain corn flour, tapioca flour, baking powder (sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate, cornstarch, monocalcium phosphate), sea salt, xanthan gum.

Earth Balance Natural Buttery Spread: Ingredients in the soy-free version; Expeller-pressed natural oil blend (palm fruit, canola, safflower and olive), water, contains less than 2% salt, sunflower lecithin, pea protein, natural flavor (derived from corn, no msg, no alcohol, no gluten), lactic acid (non-dairy source), naturally extracted annatto for color.

An Allergy-Friendly Reminder. A food allergy can be a serious matter. If you are dealing with severe allergies or intolerances, always read labels or check with the manufacturer prior to consumption of any food product. Ingredients and processes are subject to change at anytime, which means a once “safe” product or ingredient may not be “safe” the next time. For the sensitive guests, establish an “allergy-safe” zone in the kitchen with dedicated utensils and cutting boards. Keep this area free of gluten, nuts and/or other potential allergen(s).

This recipe featured in: Virtual Thanksgiving Potluck over at Williams-Sonoma