For You I Am Thankful

Tonight I got to thinking about the coming week. This whole bit about Thanksgiving is so food-centric—the preparation, the making and the clean-up. Sure, I love the food, but there is something else that makes this holiday my all-time favorite. It is the slowing down, the catching up with family and friends and the counting of blessings that makes it so special.

This month, Lexie's Kitchen was in the running for Top 25 Food Allergy Mom Blogs 2011. When I got the email announcing that it had made it into the top 25, I couldn't contain myself. Never in my wildest dreams did I think Lexie's Kitchen would pull in 1,216 votes! And it was nothing I did (aside from knocking on your door relentlessly :), it was all you! Your votes have put wind in my sails in a big way! For you, I am thankful! You are my friends, you are a blessing. This Thanksgiving you can be sure I will be remembering you.

If we could fit, I would invite you all to our table—a place card with your name would be waiting. Imagine the time we would have! Alas in the past 18 months over 100,000 different people have visited Lexie's Kitchen—I think we'd need a mighty big table!

I wonder who will be joining you at your table? I am sure they are a blessing to you, and that for them, you are thankful.

This week I am attaching a download for some simple place cards we will be using at our table and I thought I would share them with you. A little extra touch to show the ones we love how thankful we are to have them in our life.

DIY Holiday Place Card Download

1. Choose from a folder-over tent-style or card that would insert into a place card holder.
2. Download the version you'd like.
3. Print on decorative cardstock.
4. Trim and fold.
4. Then in your prettiest handwriting, customize each card.


Fold-Over Version
Card Version

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