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It's not every day that I do reviews here at Lexie's Kitchen. When I do, it's because I have found a product or service that I can honestly give two thumbs up.

Last night we sat down to a dinner of Falafel Republic's Traditional Falafel (and Cybele Pascal's allergy-friendly pita bread). Definitely two thumbs up (for both)! And what sealed the deal with the falafel? Falafel Republic's short and sweet list of ingredients.

Now, let me emphasize that bold copy above. "Processed in a facility with equipment that uses milk, eggs, shellfish, soy and wheat." So depending on the degree of your sensitivity(s) to potential cross contamination, you may want to use caution and always consult the package label. Falafel Republic states that their products are gluten-free and dairy-free—but not yet certifed. So please, use your judgement.

Falafel Republic™ Traditional Falafel and Cybele Pascale's allergy-friendly pita bread.

Falafel is a traditional food of the middle east with roots that stretch into the past, perhaps 4,000 years. It is a blend of ground chickpeas and fava beans, plus onions, parsley, Mediterranean herbs and spices, that is formed into balls and lightly fried. It is all natural, high in protein and fiber, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free. The falafel we tried tonight was as perfect and tasty as any falafel I've had in the past. A couple of years back I attempted making falafel and when I went to fry them up they disintegrated in the oil. Blah! I think buying them is much easier :).

Falafel Republic makes it big on NBC's "TODAY SHOW" with Lester Holt & Phil Lempert!! from Brave Agency on Vimeo.

90% of the time I cook from scratch, the other 10% of the time I rely on a convenience items. And these falafel fit the bill. They are quick to heat (fry, oven-bake, or microwave)—great for a Meatless Monday meal. They retail for around $5.99 and can be found at these major NATURAL FOODS and SPECIALTY retailers regionally and nationwide.

And as it is the season of the holiday office party, here is a quick and simple layered dip to impress your co-workers with—courtesy of the Falafel Republic website (lots more recipes there, too!).

Middle East Layered Dip


8 ounces HUMMUS
8 Falafel Republic FALAFEL BALLS, crumbled
8 ounces TABOULI (Traditional tabouli is NOT gluten-free. Click here for a gluten-free quinoa version)


In a 9 x 6" dish layer each of the above ingredients. Spread Hummus evenly over bottom.
Crumble Falafel over top. Pour Tabouli over top and carefully spread. Enjoy with crispy Pita

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