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I cannot put into words how thrilled I am to be featuring my first guest post and honored to introduce Julie Matthews, an award-winning author and Certified Nutrition Consultant specializing in autism.

I am personally grateful for Julie's devotion to healing children through diet and nutrition. Not long ago I felt mired in clay. We had a sick little boy with undiagnosed neurological and inflammatory conditions. I didn't know how or where to find answers. Never in my life had I felt so helpless. Finally, after shedding buckets of tears, a raging mama bear broke forth. I went on a hunt for help and found a group of professionals like Julie who encouraged me to focus on diet (read our story here). All I can say is that going gluten and casein free (GFCF) has made all the difference. I am a believer in nutritional healing and Julie's message of hope.

This post is the first in a series of guest posts from Julie. In this first in the series, you and Julie will get acquainted and she will provide an overview of her autism diet and nutrition tools. In my opinion, they are must-haves for any caregiver of a child on the autistic spectrum. In posts to come, Julie will dive into the specifics of the different autism diets, food intolerances and more. Prepare to be enlightened!

So without further ado, please welcome Julie Matthews.

Julie Matthews
Guest Post I: Nourishing Hope for Autism

Hello everyone. I’m Julie Matthews, a Certified Nutrition Consultant specializing in autism for ten years. I’m delighted to be here to share my knowledge and experience with special diets for autism. These diets, such as gluten-free and casein-free, involve the removal of foods that are known (or suspected) to be problematic, and the addition of nutritious, readily digestible foods that help heal.

Lexie’s Kitchen and Nourishing Hope are aligned in purpose—we want to help you be able to sustainably follow a dietary strategy that nourishes and heals. I discovered Lexie’s Kitchen recently when one of my clients with a child with autism told me Lexie was a wonderful resource for allergen-free diet recipes! I enjoy sharing useful tools with other parents and am happy to support the health and healing of children with autism (and beyond).  

At the end of this post you will have the opportunity to enter a giveaway for my autism diet and nutrition tools. This set includes:

Nourishing Hope for Autism handbook
Cooking To Heal cookbook
Cooking To Heal DVD

Nourishing Hope for Autism explains the science of diet for autism: its underlying biochemistry and how food and nutrition affect health, healing, cognition, and behavior. I present a comprehensive holistic plan to determine and effectively implement a dietary strategy. Beyond autism, there are many neurological and inflammatory conditions that have similar underlying contributors and biochemistry that benefit from the approach I present in Nourishing Hope, namely ADHD, allergies, asthma, digestive disorders, mood imbalances, and autoimmune conditions.

I explore traditional healing foods, therapeutic nutrients, probiotics in fermented foods for gut health, and specialized healing diets to balance biochemistry and support digestion. I share practiced methods for “sneaking” in nutrient-dense foods the ways kids like it. I emphasize the myriad of ways that food is medicine or poison depending on; the quality, the way food is grown or raised, the manner in which food is prepared, processed, and cooked, and the compounds in food that can heal or aggravate systems. 

 Cooking To Heal is my "live" autism nutrition and cooking class. It is 4-hours of me explaining and demonstrating (cooking!) the aspects of effective healing diet implementation. It includes my autism diet cookbook, where every recipe is tagged for diet compliance and specific allergen-free information, and a 4-hour DVD of the live class. It’s the most “hands on” learning I provide anywhere.

Thank you Lexie for welcoming me to your kitchen—I hope that you and your readers enjoy my series of guest posts. As always, your comments and experiences are welcome.

Julie Matthews is a Certified Nutrition Consultant specializing in autism spectrum disorder for ten years. Her award winning book, Nourishing Hope for Autism, is based in scientific research and an understanding of the biochemistry of ASDs and the role of food, nutrition, and diet to aid digestive health, systemic healing, and relieve symptoms of autism. Julie presents at the leading biomedical autism conferences in the US and abroad, writes for autism publications, hosts a weekly radio program, and has private nutrition practice in San Francisco, California. Visit:

Autism Diet and Nutrition Tools Giveaway

Enter to win a set of Julie's autism diet and nutrition tools! This set includes:

 Nourishing Hope for Autism handbook
 Cooking To Heal cookbook
• Cooking To Heal DVD

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