Lexie's Kitchen Adopts Healthful Pursuit

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February edition of Adopt a Gluten Free Blogger.

Cinnamon Bun Balls with Cream "Cheese" Frosting from Healthy Pursuits

This month I have had the pleasure of hosting the February 2011 edition of the Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger event. While I continue compiling the photos and links for the big round-up (scheduled to post this Friday), I thought I would go ahead and introduce the talented gal I adopted and the sweet treat of hers that I made—and ended up making twice because it was so good!

This month I adopted Leanne of Healthful Pursuit and made her Cinnamon Bun Balls with Cream "Cheese" Frosting. When you visit Leanne's site, prepare to duck. This gal, with the infectious smile, rapid-fires out posts. We're talking one a day! And the thing is is that they are all quality posts—great writing, great recipes, great photography. I was stumped as to how she did it (and still am) so I asked and this was her response:

"Ha ha I guess you could say I have a lot of energy. I have a full time job + run my own nutrition practice. Out of everything I do though, nothing beats chatting with the visitors to my blog about the foods I’ve created or my approach to healthy living. It’s truly rewarding!"

Leanne is a Holistic Nutritionist, a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and is Board Certified in Practical Holistic Nutrition with the Canadian Association of Holistic Nutritionists. She is a yogi, athlete, recipe creator and self-proclaimed substitution nerd (she loves remaking recipes so that people with allergies/intolerances can enjoy them)—love it!

"I have a passion for preparing food, sharing it with friends, and best of all, educating others on the role it plays in their life. Food is such a key aspect of our lives, something that took me years of food deprivation and sickness to figure out. I’m here to share with everyone that our relationship with food CAN be healthy, fun, and exciting."

And what could be more fun and exciting than a Cinnamon Roll [Balls] recipe that's low in sugar and free of all the bad stuff you'd find [and I say this in my best SNL Church-Lady voice impression] say, in a Cinnabon®!? So when I saw this recipe, I knew had to try it.

What I love about these bite-sized wonders is that 1) I can whip them up in under 40 minutes and 2) they perfectly satisfy my craving for a full-blown cinnamon roll with their doughy and cinnamon-y goodness! No raising dough, no rolling dough, just a cinnamon roll fix that was quick and easy. Oh and Leanne says to roll the balls and place on a cookie sheet. I was making mini-muffins as well so just threw mine in the empty slots ... hence the not-so-round, but muffin shape : )

Healthful Pursuit and Leanne's collection of gluten-free (and other "free") recipes is a goldmine! Be sure to check her out.

Here is the link to her Cinnamon Bun Balls with Cream "Cheese" Frosting recipe.


Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger is a great monthly event started by Sea over at Book Of Yum.