"Whole Grain" Gluten-Free Tortillas

 Yesterday I wanted an honest-to-goodness white flour tortilla. Was that so much to ask? These were a pretty decent gluten-free substitute. Anyone care to test drive this recipe and critique?

“Eat what you shoot” takes on a whole new meaning to a food blogger. When you’ve come up with what looks like a winning recipe, the last thing you—or the pounding fists at the table—want to do is ……….WAIT. Wait for the food arranging, the propping, the lighting, the “snap.”

So it was with these tortillas.

When I put the camera down, I took a big bite of this little here turkey wrap and was quite pleased! Though surely not as pliable as your classic white flour tortilla, it's getting quite close. I'd love for you to test drive this recipe and give me your thoughts.

"Whole Grain" Gluten-Free Tortillas & Wraps

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Makes:  Approximately 4-6 six-inch tortillas 
Prep Time:  10 minutes
Cook Time:  1-2 minutes per tortilla


1-1/2 tablespoons white CHIA SEED
6 tablespoons WATER
3 tablespoons Spectrum Organic SHORTENING
2 tablespoons BUCKWHEAT GROATS
1/2 cup Bob's Red Mill All-Purpose GLUTEN FREE FLOUR or substitute with this mix
1/2 scant teaspoon SEA SALT
1/2 teaspoon BAKING POWDER (make your own aluminum & corn-free)
1/4 teaspoon XANTHAN or GUAR GUM (optional), see Notes


Grind chia seed to a meal using a coffee grinder. In medium bowl swirl chia meal with water and set aside for 2-3 minutes. Add shortening to chia mixture and beat with hand mixer until creamy. Grind buckwheat groats in coffee grinder to a coarse meal. Add buckwheat meal to chia mixture along with remaining ingredients. Mix with hand mixer until dough forms. Pinch off and form golf ball (or slightly larger) sized mounds. Place between two layers of unbleached parchment. Flatten/roll out to desired thickness using a rolling pin, tortilla press or a very heavy cast iron pan (just give it a good smash). The thinner, the more pliable the tortilla will be.

Peel parchment off of one side of tortilla. Place that side down onto a heated griddle (I use cast iron over medium-low heat). Peel the other piece of parchment off. Cook about one minute on each side—any longer and it will be too crisp to roll. Serve hot or slightly cooled with taco fixin's, sandwich fixin's or crisp it up and use as a base for pizza.


1. For those avoiding xanthan and guar gum, gums may omitted. The addition of these gums serves to make them more pliable than just using chia alone.

2. Refrain from tasting the dough. The garbanzo flour in Bob's Red Mill All-Purpose Gluten-Free Flour mix will turn you off. Once cooked, however, you can't even taste it.

About some of the ingredients.

Palm Oil: For those wondering about Organic Spectrum Shortening—the stuff may look like grandma's hydrogenated Crisco®, but it's profile is nothing like it. Spectrum Shortening is simply non-hydrogenated organic palm oil. It is 50% saturated and has a more favorable fatty acid composition than palm kernel oil and coconut oil, which are more than 85% saturated. That's not to say that palm kernel oil and coconut oil are bad for you, it's just that if you are looking for a higher fatty acid compostion, palm oil has it. To be consumed in moderation, palm oil is one of the fats our nutritionist suggested we use along with coconut, olive and the other healthy oils. Who’d thunk, there’s white stuff in a tub that’s not, well, all that bad for you? For more information on palm oil, here is a nice write-up. Organic Spectrum Shortening is sold at Whole Foods, most natural grocers and may be mail ordered from Amazon.

Buckwheat Groats: The ground buckwheat groats in this recipe lend the tortillas a "whole grain" texture and taste. Technically, buckwheat is a seed of a relative to the rhubarb plant. It has absolutely no relation to wheat. I purchase buckwheat groats from Azure Standard. They are also available in bulk at Whole Foods and most natural grocers. 

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