Making the Switch: Moriah's Story

Happy Friday everyone! Today on Making the Switch, Moriah—mom and avid road biker—shares some of the unexpected health and diet-related twists and turns her family has faced over the years—namely type 1 diabetes, food allergies, Lymes and celiac. It's been quite the journey for this Colorado family. I admire how they've tackled it head-on and the suggestion Moriah has for responding in a positive way to some of the unexpected turns we navigate in life. Thank you for sharing your story, Moriah!


Our family's journey “from processed to pure” has had its twists and turns.

Some turns were steady, planned and calculated—like adding pureed veggies into meals, replacing high fat dairy with yogurt, and buying fresh instead of canned. These were dietary changes and turns of our choosing, and were easy to implement and adapt to.

Then there have been the turns and medical diagnoses that have brought us to immediate and screeching halts. These unexpected and crazy turns have nearly caused me to crash and burn—all because of the way I RESPONDED.

I will never forget hearing the words, “he has Type 1 diabetes,” when our son was four (he just turned 19). There was so much to learn, so much to REMOVE, and so much of his health on the line. To say that I was overwhelmed is an understatement. It was not a turn I had anticipated and it was one we had to make in an instant. As far as our pantry was concerned, it was a “White-Out.” Out with the white sugar. Out with the white flour. Out with the white milk. And in with the REPLACEMENTS—raw fruits and veggies and fresh-ground whole wheat flour.

Then it was our daughter. Fatigue, headaches, brain fog, acne, mood swings, and an upset belly led to the diagnosis of a slew of food allergies—another unexpected turn. Talk about a kitchen and pantry overhaul; this turn took the cake, literally. Out with the gluten, out with the raw milk, out with the eggs.

Moriah and crew at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado.

The only thing that saved me from spinning completely out of control was the change in my RESPONSE to these challenging turns. In my own battle with Lyme disease, Celiac, food allergies, and a chronic leaky gut, I have learned how to RESPOND with a plan. My plan for a successful transition now begins with determining how to REPLACE the foods which need to be REMOVED prior to removal and ends with a time to REMORSE over what has been ”lost.” This step has been instrumental in my 13 year old daughter’s journey to health—she, as we all do, needed time to grieve, time to accept the new and say goodbye to the ‘old.’

And just this past week we have two additional hairpin turns that we've had to navigate—the most unexpected to date.

Test results came back showing my gut is still a total mess despite all our efforts to REMOVE and REPLACE so my body can be REPLENISHED (thank you, Lymie bugs). And further tests show that our entire family carries the Celiac gene.

To be honest, I spent two days REMORSING (ok, wallowing in self pity) saying goodbye to my favorite foods. Then I spent another two days asking God for wisdom as I searched for REPLACEMENTS and new recipes, which will bring health and healing to this family. 

The hope is always that with the changes, our bodies will be REPLENISHED and RENEWED. REMOVE the ‘harmful-to-us’ foods and REPLACE them with ‘good-for-us’ foods—foods our bodies need to get back in balance.

If there is one thing that I know to be true, it is that obtaining vibrant health is worth overcoming any and all obstacles. If our crew can do this, so can yours. You are stronger than you think; and the benefits of traveling the road “from processed to pure” are worth it no matter why you are on this journey.

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