DIY Gift: Tasting Spoons


Eco-Friendly, Recycled Gift Giving

Looking for a handy {and affordable} gift for that chef in your life? Here's my suggestion.

Get yourself down to Goodwill, find your way to the odds and ends flatware bin, and grab a handful of mismatched spoons. Then cruise on over to dishware and pick out a tasteful wide-mouth jar. Then head on back home, give the spoons and jar a good scrub and polish. Place the spoons in the jar and tie on a festive bow. Voila. Done. A gift that's recycled, eco-friendly and quite useful.

I don't know about you, but I go through soooo many spoons in the kitchen when I'm cooking. Tasting this, dipping into that. My continually running out of spoons prompted this Tasting Spoon Jar idea.


Sure, the gift may take a little explaining but once they understand what "a jar full of spoons" is for, they just may exclaim, "aha! Very cool!" Of course, you run the chance seeing their "Present Face"—but no biggie if you do, you're only out a couple of bucks! And they can always take their spoons and jar back to Goodwill.