Valentine's Day Dinner and a Movie

Tuesday is Valentine's Day and if your plans include staying in with the family, why not make it memorable with a special candlelit spaghetti-and-meatballs feast inspired by one of Disney's beloved dog duos. To make the planning easy, Gfree is here to show you how.

Gfree is an online meal planning service that provides all of the tools you need to prepare a week full of healthy, creative gluten-free dinners. And, it is the only gluten-free menu planning website to offer an automatic grocery list creator! Back in September I featured Gfree in this post. If you missed it, here's how Gfree works.

Gfree—The Answer to What's for Dinner

1. Once a week you log on to
2. From a menu of 10 meals you choose the five you want to make.
3. Hit "Print PDF" and recipe cards and a shopping list are automatically generated.
4. Head to the store to pick up everything you'll need for the week.
5. DONE!

In addition to the weekly meal plans, a subscription to Gfree includes recipes for gluten-free snacks, breads, freezer meals, and special occasion menus like this week's Valentines' Day Dinner. Ann and Karen, the founders of Gfree and sister site Relish (the non-gluten-free version of Gfree), are kindly providing the how-to's to create a Valentine's Day dinner the whole family will remember.

GFree Dishes up the Best Valentine's Day Dinner and a Movie

THE MOVIE: The American Film Institute has ranked this movie as one of the 100 greatest love stories of all time. It's not Casablanca or Gone With The Wind (although those are also on the list). It doesn't feature any famous tough guys or leading ladies. The stars of this movie are furry and completely adorable. If you haven't guessed the film yet, we'll throw you another bone: In its most famous scene, two dogs share a piece of spaghetti, ending in a kiss that is pure movie magic.

Lady and the Tramp, the adorable tale of a classy cocker spaniel named Lady and a low-brow mutt named Tramp, is being reissued in a limited Diamond Edition on Blu-ray and DVD this week. The bonus features include previously unreleased scenes and a look at the making of the film.

THE MENU: In the memorable spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp, the opposites-attract canine couple enjoy a candlelit dinner at an Italian restaurant. For obvious reasons, this Gfree menu features a big plate of spaghetti and meatballs, heavy on the meatballs.

The meal's romance comes from sharing food with the one(s) you love—who can forget Lady and Tramp slurping up the same piece of pasta or Tramp nudging the last meatball over to Lady?

Download the menu and shopping list and recreate this romantic feast on Valentine's Day; including the spaghetti and meatballs, chianti, salad, garlic bread and tasty Italian spumoni. Add a checkered tablecloth, candlelight, and a screening of Lady and the Tramp and voila, you've got a very special evening—for the whole family.

More About Gfree

Gfree offers three subscription plans:

3-Month Subscription    $30.00
6-Month Subscription    $49.00 [15% savings]
12-Month Subscription  $79.00 [30% savings]

To see if Gfree is right for you, read this post. To subscribe, visit

My only disclaimer: If your only dietary restriction is gluten, I wholeheartedly recommend subscribing to Gfree! If you are gluten- and dairy-free, the recipes are still do-able with dairy substitutes given (some soy-based). If, however, you have multiple food intolerances/allergies—including eggs, Gfree may not be the right fit. You may spend more time trying to modify the recipe than is worth it.