New! Dairy-Free Ice Cream Cookbook

Yesterday was a great day! Kelly Brozyna, aka The Spunky Coconut, released a THIRD cookbook and one that will rock your summer.

If I recall, the idea for The Spunky Coconut Dairy-Free Ice Cream Cookbook came along early last summer when Kelly was quite pregnant with this little cutie.

Author Kelly Brozyna and daughter, Ginger.

"I've decided to write an ice cream cookbook!" Kelly remarked. My thought ... "how does this with-child lady do it?" Home school, develop recipes, blog, take care of her family, prepare for a baby, AND write a book?!

Fast forward almost a year and there we are sitting on a bench in Loveland, Colorado making goo-goo faces at that little baby and thumbing through a copy of that book! To say that I have been anticipating its launch is an understatement. It is a remarkable collection of recipes. I have never seen a cookbook quite like it.

About a month ago I popped in on Kelly. That day she sat me down in her kitchen and proceeded to dish up five flavors for me to try. I practically begged for more. I mean who can stop at just one scoop of creamy Rocky Road? Or Lemon Lime Frozen Yogurt reminiscent of cheesecake?

All of them were non-dairy (many coconut, cashew, coconut water and/or hemp milk-based) used alternative sweeteners (like honey, dates, stevia, coconut sugar) in place of cane sugar and were, hands down, some of the best scoops of ice cream I have ever had. Ever.

I will post a full review of Kelly's book once I receive my copy. But if the five recipes I've taste out of this book are any indication of what the other 50 are like, this book will be a hot seller!

So dust off that ice cream maker (or buy one here), order the book and get ready for a summer full of divine frozen treats.

For a little taste of what's to come, here is a recipe out of the book for Pomegranate Sorbet.

Enjoy! Trust me, you will.


Read more about the book over at The Spunky Coconut. All of Kelly's books may be purchased through The Spunky Coconut Bookstore at a 10% discount using the code: APYTME6C. They are also available on Amazon (but Kelly profits more if you buy direct from her store ... don't tell her I told you :).