Proud Mamma. New Look. Big Thank You.

A Proud Mamma

My heart is filled with joy. This afternoon my oldest graduated from kindergarten. I didn't know what to expect. The tears were a surprise. At least 100 times during the program the future flashed before my eyes—highschool graduation, college graduation, a wedding? And it would all be here in the blink of an eye.

Many of you mammas can attest to that.

Surprisingly I felt no sadness. This thing of life, this journey, is a beautiful thing of learning to let go and that means of our little ones, too.

Let them fly. Let them soar. Let them find their path. Just always be there for them.

To say that I am impressed with the principal and teachers of the school is an understatement. They have instilled in these kids the things that matter. They have guided them to be: Safe. Respectful. Responsible. The teachers haved worked hard to teach these kids the basics of reading and writing by the age of 5 and 6! And his teacher was always kind enough to provide my guy with GFCF snacks. Wow! Impressed is definitely an understatement. I tried to thank them all at the ceremony, but know I missed a bunch.

When we got home, Wyatt was flying high. He threw off his cap and gown and got to work writing a recipe (that came out of left field). The inspiration hit and like his mother he got to work. I was so wowed. He sat down and wrote this out all by himself! We actually made them ... used sweet rice flour, some coconut sugar, almonds clusters, water and baking powder. Not bad. They definitely were edible! Here's the interpretation of Wyatt's hand written recipe:

Recipe for Nut Ball Cakes
(make at your own risk)

1-1/2 cup powder (I suggested flour) and sugar.

Mix and add a 1/2 cup of baking powder and some water and
mix and nuts and mix and turn into a ball and
bake for 20 seconds (I suggested 20 minutes).

Pull out at 4 o'clock. Done!

(What a hoot!)

A New Look

Today I'm also tickled to have launched the new look of Lexie's Kitchen. I hope you like it. It was time and it sure feels good to freshen things up a bit. This thing of blogging really stretches you to learn, grow and acquire new skills. Three years ago I would have never thought I'd be able to create my own website from the ground up or take a picture of food! It feels good to still be learning.

Big Thank You

Lastly, a huge thanks goes out to all who helped land Lexie's Kitchen in the Top 25 Foodie Mom Blogs over at Circle of Moms. You blew me away with your love. My heart overflows! You are THE best!