Hydrate That Bod

Water. A simple and pure necessity for vital health.

In some parts of the country, temperatures are climbing. As they do, I am keeping hydration at the forefront of my mind, and hope you are too. Today my friend Dr. Wayne Tompkins is back to encourage us to meet our daily requirement of pure, clean, life-giving water during these hot summer months.

The Gift That Keeps Giving: Hydration

By Dr. Wayne Tompkins, DC | Tompkins Wellness Center | Branson, Missouri

Proper hydration is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. This gift, proper hydration, is going to keep giving to you:

  • Increased energy
  • Detoxification
  • Weight management
  • Mental clarity
  • Help with hypertension

The Blood Pressure Connection

"Help with hypertension?" you perk up.

Many people who are being prescribed blood pressure medication could avoid it if they just started drinking adequate water and here’s why.

High blood pressure means the pressure against your arterial walls is too high either when the heart is pumping (the top #) or when it’s at rest (the bottom #). Drinking water causes the arteries to vasodilate. This means they stretch open to make a bigger carrying vessel. If you have a one-inch diameter tube, the pressure against the walls of that tube are less than if you are trying to carry the same amount of fluid (blood) down a tube with only a half inch diameter. 

Feeling Tired & Depleted?

But Doctor, I drink lots of iced tea…doesn’t that count?

No it doesn’t. Actually most tea has caffeine in it which depletes your body of water making you require more than if you hadn’t had any tea at all. We call caffeinated beverages “diuretics” because they make us lose water. Instead of reaching for iced tea, or a coke or coffee, try grabbing a big drink of water. It will leave you feeling more energized without stressing out your adrenal glands (the gland which helps you adapt to stress) and causing your heart to race.

How Much Water Do I Need?

The simple equation is half your body weight in ounces of water per day. For easy math, let’s say you weigh 200 pounds. Take your weight, divide by 2, and that’s the amount of water you need in ounces. In this case it would be 100 ounces. Yes that’s a lot and you’re probably not getting nearly enough. If you’re just starting out making friends with water, try 2/3 of this amount. (Take half your body weight, then multiply that number by 0.66). Believe me; your body will thank you.


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