Lexie's Kitchen 5-Minute Hangout - Episode 1

A big thanks to Alisa Flemming, author of the Go Dairy Free guide and cookbook, the informational website Go Dairy Free, and the recipe blog Alisa Cooks. She joined me today for a Lexie's Kitchen 5-Minute Google+ Hangout (though it ran more like 10 minutes). I look forward to broadcasting more Hangouts like these—gotta love Google Hangout!

To watch future broadcasts stream live, join me over at Google+. All you have to do is Circle me here. If you miss live broadcasts, know that you can find them right here at Lexie's Kitchen (or on YouTube).

Want to know what Google+ is all about. Stay tuned. I am working on a post that explains it in my simple words (ha ha!).


Note: In this Hangout I mention Penzey's Buttermilk Ranch dressing. It dawned on me "what am I thinking, we just had a discussion on DAIRY-FREE and here I go mentioning BUTTERMILK! Agggh. What am I thinking?" But it's all cool. The Penzey's Buttermilk Ranch Dressing spice blend is just that— a spice blend. What you add it to is up to you. I mix it into a mixture of non-dairy (unsweetened) yogurt, non-dairy milk and a squeeze of lemon juice. Okay. Cleared that one up. Phew!!